v0.4.3 (2010-11-02)


It is final there. The sparse version 0.4.3 is released.

Mostly small fix up. It can parse the recent kernel better, less noise.

For people interested in the sparse internals, there is a sparse inspecting tools now. Currently it has limited knowledge of AST. It is very easy to extent though.

Thanks every one for the contribution.


Bernd Petrovitsch (1):
  • Fix a typo - “typdef” is neither C nor plain English
Christopher (3):
  • evaluate: check for NULL type inside typeof
  • Add test case for builtin_unreachable()
  • inspect: add some expression inspection
Christopher Li (15):
  • Make MOD_NORETURN fits into 32 bit
  • Move noreturn attribute out of ignore attr area
  • Declare ignored attributres into a list of string.
  • Simplify Makefile using static pattern rules
  • Adding test case for “x && y && z” .
  • Pointer don’t inherent the alignment from base type
  • Allow parsing L‘0’
  • Parsing wide char string
  • Adding asm goto label test case
  • inspect: add custom ast treeview model
  • inspect: add some example inspect for symbol and statement
  • inspect: Add test-inspect program
  • inspect: cast expression
  • Fixup and cleanup modifier_string() function.
  • sparse 0.4.3 finial
Damien Lespiau (1):
  • Ignore the may_alias GCC attribute
Dan Carpenter (1):
  • add test-inspect to .gitignore
Dan McGee (1):
  • Makefile: fix permissions mixup on install
Daniel De Graaf (1):
  • Fix incorrect linearization of “x && y && z”
Jiri Slaby (3):
  • parser: add support for asm goto
  • parser: fix and simplify support of asm goto
  • parser: define __builtin_unreachable
Joel Soete (1):
  • possible fix to cgcc issue in sparse 0.4.2:
Josh Triplett (2):
  • Rename -Wall to Wsparse-all, so it doesn’t get turned on unintentionally
  • New attribute designated_init: mark a struct as requiring designated init
Kamil Dudka (1):
  • do not ignore attribute ‘noreturn’…
Michael Buesch (2):
  • ignore attributes “externally_visible” and “signal”
  • Ignore “naked” attribute
Michael Stefaniuc (3):
  • Ignore the ms_abi/sysv_abi attributes.
  • Ignore the alloc_size attribute.
  • Handle __builtin_ms_va_list.
Mike Frysinger (1):
  • parser: add Blackfin gcc info
Morten Welinder (1):
  • skip may_alias and declare builtin_fabs