v0.2 (2006-12-05)

I have tagged and tarballed a 0.2 release of Sparse, now available from http://ftp.be.debian.org/pub/software/devel/sparse/dist/, with sha1sum 1762fc609fe436e74b87356a52690b5f7bb40c81.

In addition to plenty of bug fixes, this release includes several notable new features:

  • -Wall, thanks to Pavel Roskin
  • ‘#strong_define’ and ‘#strong_undef’, thanks to Oleg Nesterov
  • Argument parsing functions no longer mangle the argv passed to them, thanks to Christopher Li
  • static library and header files now installed, along with a pkg-config file to find them
  • Makefile now supports DESTDIR, useful for packagers

Full changelog:

Christopher Li (4):
  • trivial fix for seg fault.
  • Fix warning on self check.
  • delay removing file scope
  • cleanup write to argument array hack
Damien Lespiau (1):
  • trivial: more .gitignore stuff
Josh Triplett (5):
  • Update the FAQ: add sparse website and gitweb, update git URL, remove old BK url
  • Rename “check.c” to “sparse.c” to match program name; update .gitignore
  • Install static library and header files
  • Generate and install a pkg-config file. Add DESTDIR support to Makefile.
  • Remove old SCCS target from Makefile.
Nicolas Kaiser (1):
  • double inclusions
Oleg Nesterov (7):
  • use lookup_macro() in handle_undef()
  • kill NS_INVISIBLEMACRO, introduce NS_UNDEF
  • fix redefine of #weak_define
  • fix ‘weak’ attribute loss
  • prepare for #strong_{define,undef}
  • implement #strong_define
  • implement #strong_undef
Pavel Roskin (1):
  • Support -Wall flag

– Josh Triplett