v0.1 (2006-11-06)

I have tagged and tarballed a 0.1 release of Sparse, now available from http://ftp.be.debian.org/pub/software/devel/sparse/dist/, with sha1sum 9e0a4d5abb8e8a4be4cf8d9fe632c69dbec3e242.

As discussed in [http://marc.info/?l=linux-sparse&m=116231992212971 Re: Official releases?], I’ve taken maintainership of sparse. Thanks to Linus Torvalds for his previous maintainership. As a result, this release comes from my sparse Git repository. You can find more information about obtaining sparse via Git at the [https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/josh/sparse/ new sparse homepage].

In addition to all the work in the [https://www.kernel.org/pub/scm/devel/sparse/sparse.git/ previous Sparse repository], this release includes the following changes:

Adam DiCarlo (1):
  • Add type information to enum mismatch warning
Al Viro (2):
  • added a bunch of gcc builtins
  • switch to hash-based get_one_special()
Josh Triplett (15):
  • “Initializer entry defined twice” should not trigger with zero-size fields
  • Fix incorrect symbol in comment on #endif for multiple-inclusion guard
  • Add -Wno-uninitialized
  • graph: Show position in basic block nodes
  • bb_terminated: Use boundary values rather than specific opcodes
  • Turn on -Wcontext by default
  • Merge branch ‘fix-defined-twice-error-on-empty-struct’ into staging
  • Merge branch ‘graph’ into staging
  • merge branch ‘more-warning-flags’ into staging and fix conflicts
  • merge branch ‘no-semantic-h’ into staging and fix conflicts
  • Merge branch ‘Wcontext-default’ into staging
  • Add test cases to validation/context.c for the Linux __cond_lock macro
  • Merge branch ‘context-test-cases-for-cond-lock’ into josh
  • Rename test case bad-assignement.c to bad-assignment.c, fixing the typo.
  • Stop building and installing libsparse.so
Josh Triplett and Pavel Roskin (1):
  • Recognize and ignore __alias__ and __visibility__
Pavel Roskin (4):
  • Compile sparse executable under it’s own name, not as “check”
  • Add support for __builtin_strpbrk()
  • Typo fixes
  • Install cgcc on “make install”, refactor installation code

Known issue with this release:

  • Sparse does not produce the expected set of warnings for several of the validation programs, included in the sparse source in the directory ‘validation/’. Some scripts should provoke warnings but don’t, and others provoke warnings they shouldn’t.

– Josh Triplett